INCLUSION combines Table Tennis and Racquetball to create an exciting, more intense playing experience.  The revolutionary Plexiglass side walls create an added dimension for skilled players to produce advanced, angled shots while, as a bonus, functioning as "bumpers" to help novice players enhance their skills.

Why Choose US

We are the only company in the world to offer INCLUSION.  Table Tennis will never be the same. 

How INCLUSION was Created

Have you ever played Table Tennis in a room that was too small?  So have we.  In fact, INCLUSION was born from this very predicament.  Two high school friends were playing Table Tennis in a small basement.  The goal: To keep the rally going as long as possible.  The solution: Use the walls.  Many scuff marks later, the idea for INCLUSION was in its nascent stage. Over the next several months, this burgeoning idea evolved into a product concept, which has become INCLUSION.



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