INCLUSION is a new game that combines table tennis and racquetball to create an exciting, multidimensional playing experience.  The core gaming methods of table tennis are still applicable, but the Plexiglass side walls can be used as additional playing surfaces in addition to hitting the ball directly over the net (without using the walls).


1. Table: traditional horizontal table tennis playing surface
2. Side Wall/Plexi: the vertical Plexiglas wall that curves to a 6-inch radius and smoothly connects to the table
3. Waterfall: an unstoppable shot where the ball rolls along the curve of the side wall and onto the table

Rules similar to table tennis:

1. Games are played to 11
2. Games must be won by 2+ points
3. Serves alternate every 2 points

Additionally, the side walls provide an additional playing surface where:

4. Serves can (but don't need to) be hit off the side walls
5. Serves must hit the returner's table (not just the side wall)
6. Two bounces (maximum) are allowed on the table if the Plexi side wall is hit
7. It is illegal to hit two consecutive walls on the fly
8. Volleys are allowed to combat waterfall attempts

The side walls are communal playing surfaces and can be hit anywhere.  However, only balls that hit the table are considered in play.